Our Products

Slope Roofing Products

Economical and long-lasting, asphalt composition shingles are by far the most popular roofing product on the market. Whether you’re looking for a basic 3-tab or something more upscale or dimensional, our pros offer a variety of colors, grades, and styles.

Flat Roofing Products

For those researching replacement options for flat roofs, there are several key factors to  consider such as material and installation costs, life expectancy, energy ratings, ease-of maintenance, environmental concerns, aesthetics, etc. Wheeling Group, LLC offers variety of flat roof materials to fit your needs.

Ventilation Products

In order to fight heat and moisture, homes in all climates must be ventilated year-round.

Vinyl Siding

Engineered for climate, we offer four styles of house siding: cement, wood, metal and vinyl  siding.


Our selection of home windows is low maintenance and energy efficient and available  in a variety of styles – from casement and gliding to bay bow and specialty styles. We  can match any profile or style of windows. 


We maintain an extensive inventory of lumber and plywood in order to fulfill your materials lists quickly. Whether it’s a small package or truckloads of materials,  you can be assured that we have the high-quality, defect-free lumber you need in stock.